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Healthy LifestyleLiving a natural lifestyle, came naturally to me In my formative years. I had the privilege of growing up in the picturesque coastal town of Hermanus, South Africa. It was a paradise for an energetic youngster like myself. With its magnificent mountains, lush trees to climb, and the alluring ocean that consumed much of my free time. 

Living an active and healthy lifestyle was second nature to me, thanks in part to my father’s green thumb and our bountiful garden. Fresh vegetables straight from the earth were a staple, and the guava tree in our backyard offered a delightful array of freshly picked fruit. My mother’s culinary skills were unparalleled, as she effortlessly whipped up the most delectable meals, cakes, and puddings. Though I couldn’t compete with her in the baking department, I developed a passion for entertaining and creating nutritious, enticing dishes.

As we transitioned from Hermanus to the coastal village of Fish Hoek, closer to Cape Town, a whole new world of adventure awaited me. With fresh landscapes to explore, including majestic mountains and sandy dunes, and a breathtaking beach a mere 100 meters from our home, I found myself spending less and less time indoors. Together with my best friend Genevieve, we whiled away our days sand-surfing down the dunes and frolicking with our dogs. When I wasn’t swimming or strolling along the shoreline, you would find me participating in school athletics or engaging in spirited tennis matches.

The vibrant and active lifestyle of my youth kept me fit and healthy, until the time came for me to settle into an office job. The sedentary nature of this new environment slowly but surely took a toll on my physical well-being. Weight gain became an unwelcome companion, and I felt the impact of reduced activity levels. However, with the blessing of marriage and the arrival of my two beautiful daughters, I was motivated to shed those excess pounds. I turned to the popular Jane Fonda video routine of the time, embarking on a journey to reclaim my vitality. Throughout my 40s, I successfully maintained a healthy weight and an active lifestyle, but as the years marched on, I discovered that the battle against weight gain becomes more challenging, particularly as one crosses the threshold of fifty.

Determined not to surrender to an unhealthy existence, I immersed myself in books that explored the realms of health, diet, and natural healing. The knowledge I gained had a profound impact on my life, transforming my perspective on well-being. I quickly realized that exercise was not only essential for physical fitness but also vital for mental and emotional wellness. Sunlight and fresh air became my rejuvenating elixirs, and I learned to cherish the simple pleasure of going for a walk. Nature’s embrace enveloped me as I embarked on invigorating walks and hikes with my loyal canine companions. The dogs, with their boundless energy and unwavering enthusiasm, served as my constant motivators, even on days when I lacked the desire to leave the comfort of home. 

Observing the health struggles faced by countless women around me, I felt a deep-rooted desire to share my journey and inspire others to rekindle their own well-being. I wholeheartedly believe in embracing a natural lifestyle, finding joy and peace in every waking moment. By prioritizing our health, adopting a carefree mindset, and reveling in the wonders of nature, we can seize the remaining chapters of our lives with newfound vitality and contentment.

My journey of rediscovering the joys of an active and healthy lifestyle has been transformative. From the carefree days of my coastal childhood to the realization that wellness is a lifelong commitment, I’ve experienced the ups and downs of maintaining a healthy weight and prioritizing my overall well-being. Through my story, I hope to inspire others to seize each day!

Embrace natural living, and find joy and peace in the pursuit of a healthier and more fulfilling life.

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